I Tried Rock Climbing and I Love It!

I Tried Rock Climbing and I Love It!

Trying new things is an essential part of our personal growth. It provides many opportunities to meet other people, explore new places and ideas, and know ourselves more. In short, it allows us to grow into a better and more interesting person.

Last August, I realized that I should try a new hobby. My husband and I just get back working out at the gym so I can feel that my body is getting stronger and ready for an outdoor adventure. I can now leave the kids at home with my mom and sister for two or three days without a panic attack. Things are finally falling into places until I realized something important…….

I have no idea what outdoor activity I should try!

So, I checked my lifetime bucket list that I wrote a few years ago. And these are the extreme activities that I want to try:
Sky diving
Bungee jumping
White water river rafting

I laughed at myself after reading the list. Sure, they look fun but those activities are quite expensive and would take a lot of planning and resources. What I want is to do something new that can be done in just a weekend.

Gotcha! Hiking! I’ve been thinking of going on a hike for so long. Now is the time!

I used Facebook to search for people or companies that offer guided hikes. The results came back but my eyes got fixated immediately at a result showing pictures of rock climbers exerting themselves upon a crag. It got me excited to the core!

Rock Climbing for the First Time

My experience with climbing is quite rusty. I joined an adventure-based training sponsored by my company 10 years ago. There was a wall climbing activity and I enjoyed it very much. But I did not pursue a formal training nor tried it again for fun.

After I booked my reservation for the climb, my husband kept on asking why I have to do rock climbing. Sure, it looks fun and challenging. But we cannot deny the fact that the danger is very obvious – falling rocks, belay mishaps, and possible injuries. Having no experience in outdoor climbing makes me a good candidate for accidents. But I assured him that I would be careful and I don’t have to push myself too much if I find it very difficult.

On the day of the climb, I found out that I am the only woman on the trip. I can sense my husband’s fear. But after talking with the main instructor, he somewhat eased up. I’m one obedient wife and would have backed out if he said no. But he didn’t which made me very happy. There were three instructors and five climbers which included me.

We traveled for an hour to a beautiful crag located in Poog, Toledo City. But while we were approaching the crag, a sudden, unexplained fear came over me. To an uninitiated, a 30-meter high crag towering before you would look like an unconquerable foe. I muttered to myself that this is not a trip for a beginner. I must have said it a little too loud because one of the instructors turned his head towards me.

That’s what I get for going there with a beginner’s mind. I insisted on trying not to be overprepared so that I can be a good student. It turns out that a little preparation could have helped. But then, that was my decision. It was difficult not knowing what to do, but it is also fun to let the experience help you open your eyes and discover things yourself.

To be continued………………