Are Goals Still Relevant Nowadays?

Are Goals Still Relevant Nowadays?

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

This morning, while I was looking at my planner and calendar, something hit me hard.

The year is about to end….And I haven’t even accomplished half of my goals this year! And I only have two months left to do them all.

Now, don’t you dare judge me! I’m a mother of three, worked full-time, and homeschooling our eldest daughter with my husband’s help. I have to manage my time wisely every day.

But despite trying to manage to do all these things every day, it still feels like a Herculean effort because I am always torn to do between what I need to do and what I want to do.


Goals: Do They Really Matter?

I have a tiny, brown notebook that I have kept since 2014 where I write my goals every year.

The bottom part of the cover is now showing discoloration, a proof that it has been opened and closed a hundred times. The edges are starting to look tattered. The golden Eiffel Tower print in the middle is starting to fade.

I expect that you would think that this is my most favorite notebook of all the twenty-ish in-progress notebooks that I own. But you are wrong.

I dislike my tiny, brown goal notebook the most. Flipping the pages of this notebook makes me feel that I have failed in pursuing my goals. It feels like there are several fingers pointing at me, asking me what I have done with my precious time all these years.

It makes me feel small. I feel ashamed and guilty at the same time.


Should I Abandon My Goals?

Looking at my goals for the past five years makes me realize these things:
That there are goals that would take several years to get accomplished.
That I have goals that I have abandoned because they do not resonate with my long-term goals anymore.

We change our minds every now and then. And there are changes in our lives that will make us re-think if our goals are worth pursuing or not. It’s okay to abandon goals. It won’t make us less of a person if we do.

But there is one goal that we should all stick to no matter what: That we should aim to become a better version of ourselves.

How about you? Have you checked if you have achieved your 2019 goals? Let me know in the comment section below.